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Value+ your imagination

Samsung Cheil Industries creates value to strengthen the competitiveness of customers around the globe, helping customers develop world-class products with its top-notch quality and technology-oriented specialty combined with its global network service. By introducing diverse line-ups and high-functional products that differ from conventional materials, starex offers clearly differentiated and highly focused customer satisfaction. High Performance INFINO PC and EP provide innovative material solutions for durability and sustainability. Samsung Cheil Industries is driving the development of next generation automotive materials through cutting-edge R&D and global partnerships with the most prestigious companies.
  • Value+ your imagination
    Value+ your imagination
    Samsung Cheil Industries always strives to provide innovative products and optimized solutions, helping customers turn their imagination into reality, and adding new value to the sustainable future.
  • Magical Chemical
    Magical Chemical
    The following is Samsung Cheil Industries’ world-class and world-first products as well as services that the company offers as a solutions provider.